Marine Design

Beautiful boats, affordably designed to be affordably built

Marine Design

Complete marine design services for modern and classic pleasure craft in composites and laminated (cold-molded) wood.

Design of elegant and period-correct internal and external hardware.

Computer lofting and fairing of vintage designs for restoration, preservation, reproduction and modification.

Production tooling, jigs and fixtures.

CNC kitting of self-aligning jigs, structural members and patterns.

Refit, repower and new arrangement design for existing vessels.

Marine drive-line design, steering components, exhaust systems, engine mounts and rigging layout.

Sourcing for trusted suppliers and product manufacturers.

Marilyn Designed For Dan Lee Boatbuilding

Marilyn was commissioned by Dan Lee Boatbuilding for his client in the UK.  She’s 25′-0″ LOA x 6′-9″ B-Max and is designed to be powered with an auxiliary diesel of between 15 and 20 h.p.  Hull #1, however, will be fitted with a comparable power straight drive electric motor and a bow thruster per the client’s request.  A steerable electric pod drive is also in the works which, when coupled to the bow thruster via a joy stick, would give the boat excellent maneuverability. A foldable sun cover deploys in seconds and can be removed from the boat without tools. An alternate forward bench seat is being developed. Designed to travel England’s 5 knot speed-limited canals and rivers this traditional and elegant Slipper Launch will be right at home.

Elouise Designed For Dan Lee Boatbuilding

Elouise is the next boat in a series commissioned by Dan Lee Boatbuilding to be kitted in the UK. Designed in response to demand Dan’s getting for a trailerable and garage-storable electric boat well suited to ply England’s 5 mph speed-limited canals and waterways. This 17.5′ LOA x 7.0′ Beam launch will handle 4 to 5 people comfortably for a day on the water. Power, as shown, comes from Fischer-Panda’s 48 volt steerable electric pod drive system and using MasterVolt’s cells and power management system. Pod Drive power ratings of 3.5KW, 7.5KW and 10KW can be fitted. The boat can also be rigged with traditional inboard shaft drive electric or diesel to approximately 20 h.p. Stowable sun canopies over the cockpit can also be fashioned from several clever systems currently offered. Being an open boat, other interior arrangements can be offered as well.

Temptress Designed For Dan Lee Boatbuilding

Temptress is a 24′ cold-molded runabout commissioned by Dan Lee Boatbuilding in the UK. Dan has developed a brilliant method of CNC cutting and kitting cold-molded boats and expressed interest in a mid 20′ runabout with classic lines that could be kitted and sold either in digital format to be CNC cut locally by the client or cut in his shop, crated and shipped out. He’ll also build the boat if someone so chooses. A complete hardware kit for the boat is being developed.

The boat is simple and, within reason, her cockpit and hardware pack can be customized to suit a client’s needs, taste and budget. An alternate interior arrangement is in the works as well as a wood-framed windshield with running canvas.

At roughly 4000 lbs, dry, Temptress is designed to be easily trailered behind a mid-sized SUV and is set up with lifting eyes such that she can serve as a tender and be hoisted up and into a tender garage. Using a V-drive, Temptress can be powered with either petrol or diesel. An electric version is also in the works.

U23 Designed For Thoroughbred Boat Company

U23, a classic and elegant 23′ inboard runabout designed for Thoroughbred Boat Company of Manistee, Michigan.

Drawn with an homage to the clean lines and simplicity of the classic inboards of the 60’s, the U23 is thoroughly modern. She’s designed with a deep V running surface for a smooth, dry ride, a propeller tunnel for improved efficiency and reduced draft and wood-free composite construction for longevity. Powered with a fuel injected 365 h.p., 5.3L Ilmor V8, the rumble of her thru-hull exhaust is a subtle reminder to her design heritage. Hull #1 is complete and has been sea trialed. She handles and trims perfectly and will run up to 50 mph at 1/2 load. #2 is in assembly now and sports a two toned color scheme.  A good selection of color choices, canvas, finish and interior options is available. Visit Thoroughbred Boat Company’s Website and Facebook page for dealer and customer inquiries, progress updates, production and facilities photos. Stay tuned, there’s more models and much more coming from Thoroughbred!


A 39′-10″ x 9′-10″ Beam Torpedo Stern twin screw launch with seating for 8. To significantly speed construction on a semi-custom basis, Vixen is designed to be a hybrid build utilizing CNC cut dimensional lumber for the hull & deck structures and molded FRP for the aft turtle deck shell, the cockpit and cabin liner and enclosure. A sun shade over the aft cockpit, A/C in the cabin, pressure water, fridge/freezer and MSD forward provides comfort and convenience for day trips. The aft turtle deck incorporates powered doors with a walk-thru to the aft cockpit area and a powered swim ladder. Power comes from twin 300 h.p. diesel inboards.


Waterman started life as a very simple plywood fishing skiff designed by Howard Chapelle. Admiring Howard’s simple design, I revised the bottom and grew the boat to 19′ LOA x 6′-8″ Beam to handle a 25 h.p. outboard and provide a small cuddy for storage, protection from the weather and an msd. Designed as a home-build project that’s easily handled, stored and trailered, Dan Lee Boatbuilding will be kitting this pretty little boat soon.

44′ Ketch

Conservatively styled and designed as comfortable weekender for a couple, this 44′ Cruising Ketch is a work in progress. Started in the late -90s but put on hold to make time for life and work. The plan now is to update the design and rig and chip away at her as time permits. Stay tuned.