Industrial Design

Custom design services for industrial equipment industries

Industrial Design

Industrial design services for a wide variety of industries including marine lifts and transport systems.

Design for low and high volume production tooling, jigs and fixtures.

Industrial Product design and development.

Hostar Marine 18T Launch, Retrieval and Storage Trailer.

New trailer currently under construction to launch, retrieve and store an 18 ton ocean catamaran. Due to the extreme width of the catamaran its not possible to transport the trailer over the road on its own wheels. The trailer has been designed in sections such that it can not only fit into the galvanizing tank but also be transported over the road and assembled at the client’s site in Alaska.

Hostar Marine 30T Bunk Trailer

A 30-ton bunk trailer design for Hostar Marine Transport to move a 55′ Riverine Patrol Craft for an overseas client. Hostar Marine Transport.

Hostar Pontoon Barge Trailer

Roller trailer developed for Hostar Marine Transport to move a bridge inspection pontoon barge from site to site.

Hostar Clarifier Transport Cradle

The client wanted to save costs and to be able to tow a 26,000 lb waste-water clarifier behind an F650 truck to various clean-up sites. Normally a unit this size would have been loaded onto a lowboy semi-trailer to be moved. A further challenge was the clarifier had to pass beneath highway overpasses which, due to its large diameter, required the clarifier to be positioned as close to the road as possible to pass beneath the overpass with sufficient clearance. Utilizing the strength of the clarifier’s cylindrical shape, rather than a full trailer frame which would have raised it up too high off the road, stub axle cradles were designed allowing the clarifier to be positioned as low and close to the road as possible. In the same manner an A-frame was designed to support an hydraulically adjustable towing bar. Once the units were built, along with the installation and weldment details, they were sent to the client to be welded to the sides of the clarifier on-site.